Project NCB-6 32"

Here is some pictures from the making of an Ares NCB-6. This bass will be made with a 32" scale. More pictures will come during the project.

After selecting and planning the wood it is time to glue the neck.

Spreading the glue.

Not easy

Neckpieces under pressure

Mahogany pieces for the body

Gluing the body

Body templet


Newly made trussrods

Routing channels for the trussrods

Trussrods in place

Start making fretboard of a nice piece of Wenge

Fretboard in place, binding coming

Binding in maple

Binding finished

Drilling for inlays

Abalone inlays. Wenge is such a nice wood for fretboard


Fretting finished

Bandsawing the neck

The neck is raw cut, ready to shape

Top pieces comes together

Just add some glue and we are all set. Piece of cake.

Bandsawing the top

A really nice Premium Top

Shaping the neck


Glue the neck to the body

Shaping the backside with a chisel

Sanding the top

The top must fit the body perfectly

The top glues to the body

Now it is time to string the bass and listen to the song. Beautiful song!

Routing cavity for pickups

Bindings in wenge (why make it easy?)

It is tricky to bow wenge but it is so nice when it is finished

Almost there

Now we are getting somewhere

Binding on head stock

The binding in Wenge is so hard to bend, but it is nice

Now it is time to sand the surface

Yes, looks OK!

The surface is oiled and ready for lacquer. Trying the hardware on, looks OK!

A close up of the body

A close up of the binding at neck and headstock

In the lacquer both

Drilling holes for the EMG pickups

Mounting tuners

Here she is together with her big sister. My customer call them Angel 1 and Angel 2. Angel 2 is the six-string.

Ares NCB-6, nr 273, is ready to Rock 'n Roll. The two switches are for switching between single coil and humbucker on each pickup, EMG 45-TW.