Project Janne

Here is some pictures from the making of an Ares NC for Janne from Uppsala

Pieces for the neck

Gluing together

Routing channel for truss rod

Truss rod just about to install

Fixing fretboard to proper install

Final sanding. Bindings are already in place

Frets are coming

Shaping the backside of the neck

Bodyparts are glued together

The body are routed to shape

Body and neck are joined together

Neck and body are glued together

Bookmatched top wood

The top is carved by sanding machine

Bindings at head

The customer is testing the guitar befor final sanding and finish

Customized label

In the lacquer both

Pickups are mounted

Tuners in place

Final adjustment of the nut


A nice moment for a luthier

Ares NC nr 264, ready to go