Project Dr. Albin

Here is some pictures from the making of an Ares NCB-5 for Dr. Albin from Austria

Messaure the laminated neckpiece

Routing channels for truss rods

Truss rods in place

Gluing fretboard on neck

Sanding fretboard. The bindings are made of oak.

Inlays in abalone

Frets are coming

Sawing the neck

Shaping the back of the neck

Drilling holes for tuners

Body parts glued

Body and neck ready for joining


The top is carved by sanding machine

Top glued

Routing for pickups

Ready for bindings

Bindings in oak and maple.

Bindings at head

In lacquer both

Mounting pickups

Mounting tuners

Ready for the customer

Close up


Ares NCB nr 261 ready to go