Ares NC

Ares NC (NC=New Construction) is a neckthru guitar, as standard routed for two humbuckers. The guitar has an increadible long sustain and a beautiful tone. The upper horn goes back to the neck
This guitar comes with gold hardware and transparent color. The neck has an angle of 4,5 degrees and is very comfortable.
There is a multilayer 5-way switch for the pickups. Pos 1 (neck position) is full humbucker, pos 2 are outer coils, pos 3 are both humbuckers, pos 4 is inner coils and pos 5 is full bridge humbucker.

Technical specifications

The Neck:

Width at nut: 41 mm
Width at 24th fret: 56 mm
Nr of frets: 24
Scale length: 635 mm (25")
Radius of fretboard: 12" - 16"
Saddle: Bone
Inlay: Abalone

The Body:

Width at lower bowl: 300 mm
Length from neckjoint: 390 mm
Thickness: 45mm


Body: Mahogany with maple top
Neck: 5-layer laminated maple and wenge
Fretboard: Wenge


Neck: Lundgren Heaven 57
Bridge: Lundgren Heaven 57
Pickguard: No

Hardware: Gold
Color: Transparent or sunburst
Strings: Newtone Nickelmaster 010-046

Price from: 49 500 SEK