Guitar nr 274

Technical specifications

The Neck:
Width at nut: 43 mm
Width at 24th fret: 56 mm
Nr of frets: 24
Scale length: 635 mm (25")
Radius of fretboard: 10" - 16"
Saddle: Bone
Inlay: White dots at the left side

The Body:
Width at lower bowl: 300 mm
Length from neckjoint: 390 mm
Thickness: 40mm
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Pickguard: Black
Neck: Lundgren P90
Bridge: Lundgren P90
Hardware: Chrome
Color: Yellow
Ready at: 2011-05-25
This guitar has a very special story. It was ordered in September 2009 by a guy named Tom. We had talked about guitars several times and Tom was such a guitar nerd in the most positive way you can think. Finally in September 2009 he was so happy to order a guitar that he had wanted for so many years

The guitar should be an Ares SC Classic but with two P90 pickups. He wanted the color to be yellow with a black pickguard and chrome hardware. A simple but nice guitar. I really liked the idea and we talked details a couple of times. He wanted the name of the guitar to be "Ares SC Special".

One evening Tom called me at 8 o'clock. We talked and he was very enthusiastic about the guitar I was making for him. We agreed to a schedule and the guitar should be ready around Christmas. The morning after I got an email from Tom's sister's son telling that Tom had passed away 10 o'clock yesterday evening after a heart attack.

I was so in shock after that email. It was only a few hours since I talked to him over the phone. I never met Tom personally but I talked to him several times. After a couple of weeks I decided to make the guitar ready anyway to honor a great guitar guy and I will have this guitar as a standard item in my product line.

Springtime 2011 I finally put the guitar together. I find the guitar so good to play. The sound is so sweet and fat and whether you want to play blues or rock with it doesn't matter, it will tell the audience the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. RIP Tom.

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