Guitar nr 251

Technical specifications

The Neck:
Width at nut: 43 mm
Width at 24th fret: 56 mm
Nr of frets: 24
Scale length: 635 mm (25")
Radius of fretboard: 16"
Saddle: Bone
Inlay: Abalone

The Body:
Width at lower bowl: 310 mm
Length from neckjoint: 390 mm
Thickness: 48mm
Body: African Mahogany, Maple top, hollow
Neck: 5pcs maple and wenge
Fretboard: Wenge
Pickguard: no

Neck: T-bear Wood PAF custom made
Bridge: T-bear Wood PAF custom made
Hardware: Black
Color: Transparent red
Ready at: 2004-03-20
This guitar is the third one I have made in the same shape. But this one is hollow. I've got this wonderful idea to make a hollow body together with a tremolo. In the very beginning I thought I should have a Floyd Rose system but finally I came to my senses.

The body in this guitar is African mahogany. It is a little heavier than the Honduran mahogany but the tap tone is marvelous. I've got it from a local furniture maker and it has bin in his wood pile for many years. So it was dry! I put it in my workshop to mature for a year before I used it.

I used the same maple plank for the top as guitar nr 249. I made a large tone chamber in the body and I discovered an interesting change in the tap tone. The tap tone got deeper! Well maybe that is natural, but still fascinating.

The neck is the same construction as the other two but this one has a wenge fretboard. I run out of small abalone inlay so I used the large one that I have for basses, and real jumbo frets.

Now to the pickups. This one has the famous T-bear Wood PAF. I colored the bobbins red as the top of the guitar before they were finished. Those pickups are compensated for the hollow body and they sound unbelievable. I connected them to a five way switch the same way as the other two. How it sounds? Well, beyond your wildest imagination!

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