Guitar nr 249

Technical specifications

The Neck:
Width at nut: 43 mm
Width at 24th fret: 56 mm
Nr of frets: 24
Scale length: 635 mm (25")
Radius of fretboard: 16"
Saddle: Bone
Inlay: Abalone

The Body:
Width at lower bowl: 310 mm
Length from neckjoint: 390 mm
Thickness: 48mm
Body: Honduran Mahogany, Maple top
Neck: 5pcs maple and wenge
Fretboard: Rosewood
Pickguard: no

Neck: Tom Anderson H01-
Bridge: Tom Anderson H01+
Hardware: Gold
Color: Tobacco Sunburst
Ready at: 2004-01-25
This guitar was made just after I made nr 248. The reason was that I didnít believe what I heard from that guitar, so I made another one. These guitars have the same kind of woods and are made exactly the same way, except the color and binding.

The guitars sound almost the same. Nr 249 has a slightly thicker neck and that enhances sustain and top end a little. What amazes me is the wide spectrum in tone quality and the clear attack.

The 5-way switch has two nice positions, pos 2 are outer coils and pos 4 are inner coils. That gives the guitars a wide range of sounds with very easy action. No extra toggles or switches, just the 5-way switch. Pos 1, 3 and 5 are just the normal humbucker positions.

This guitar has Tom Anderson pickups, right now. I have chosen the rather week H01- for neck and H01+ for bridge position. They really pick up the song from the guitar.

I found great pleasure in making these guitars even if they are kind of tricky to make. They were made during the winter time 2003/2004.

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