Guitar nr 240

Technical specifications

The Neck:
Width at nut: 41 mm
Width at 24th fret: 56 mm
Nr of frets: 24
Scale length: 635 mm (25")
Radius of fretboard: 10" - 16"
Saddle: Bone
Inlay: No

The Body:
Width at lower bowl: 300 mm
Length from neckjoint: 390 mm
Thickness: 40mm
Body: African Zebrano
Neck: Honduras Mahogany
Fretboard: Santos Jacaranda
Pickguard: No
Neck: Tom Anderson SN3
Bridge: Tom Anderson H3+
Hardware: Black
Color: Transparent yellow
Ready at: 2002-12-15
Sometimes you need to break the rules. For many years I made guitars only in Swedish woods and people thought that was the only thing for me. It is true that I am fascinated of the domestic woods here in Sweden but there are more woods, I know! So I break my rules. I got some planks from an old friend some years ago and one of this planks was an old “Zebrano”.

This plank has a very bright and clear tap tone so I knew it could be tricky to find a proper neck wood. Another bad thing about the wood is that it is kind of poisonous. I get a splinter in my finger and that caused me a lot of pain.

The plank was big enough to make a book matched body. I carved the top and because of the spectacular grains, I painted it transparent yellow. I finished it with 35 coats of lacquer.

Now came the tricky part, to find a neck. This took me two years and I tried almost everything, maple, oak, hassle, birch, mahogany and nothing fit. The tone was to bright and no bottom. After almost two years I discovered that I had a piece left of the old mahogany plank I have got from the boatyard here in Motala. The tap tone in this wood is BIG, so I decided to make a thick neck to match the body, and wow! When I tried the guitar after I put strings on, it almost blew me away, “Eureka”. Suddenly I had a song in the guitar that runs from the lowest bass thru a powerful midrange to an incredible clear top end. If a guitar could sound like a Grand piano (without the ugly midi jerk), this is the guitar!

To pick up the song from this guitar I chose Tom Anderson H3+ and SN3. What an incredibly combination. This is one of the loudest well sounding guitars I have made.

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