Guitar nr 223

Technical specifications

The Neck:
Width at nut: 43 mm
Width at 22th fret: 56 mm
Nr of frets: 22
Scale length: 628 mm (24.75")
Radius of fretboard: 10" - 16"
Saddle: Bone
Inlay: MOP at the left side

The Body:
Width at lower bowl: 405 mm
Length from neckjoint: 468 mm
Thickness: 55mm
Body: Swedish Popple, Sitka Spruce
Neck: Swedish Maple and Oak
Fretboard: Wenge
Pickguard: Wenge
Neck: Tom Anderson H1-
Bridge: Tom Anderson H1
Hardware: Gold
Color: Old yellow and mahogany
Ready at: 2003-02-10
This guitar was made between May 2001 and February 2003. At this time I didn't like make Custom guitars, but when I got the question of making a half acoustic guitar in Swedish woods I thought it could be fun for a change. The specification of requirements said a bright top end and a tight but powerful bottom. Kind of tricky to get that in a half acoustic guitar but…

My first idea was to make it solid with a neck thru. I made the top in birch and the bottom in maple. The neck was made of oak and maple (laminated). I found out that the tap tone in the neck was opened and w ide range, in short: brilliant. But I had absolutely no idea how to match the body wood. This was an experiment so what the heck!

I was a little afraid that this guitar could be heavy. The oak in the neck was not light weight. To make the body lighter in weight, I choused Poppel for the body sides. The top was still in birch and the bottom in maple. When I measured the weight it was more than 6kg, way too heavy! Well I finished the guitar with a nice purple color.

When I listened to the tone it was not so bad but not what I expected. I had a special handmade T-bear P90 in the neck position and a Tom Anderson H2 in bridge. The tone was a little dull, but after some days of playing it opened up. The customer tried it for some days but after playing more than two hours, he couldn’t move his left arm! The guitar was so heavey.

So I made a new one. This time I made the neck a little lighter with a three piece lamination with Oak in the middle and Maple. I made the sides and bottom in Poppel and the top in Spruce. I made two big tone chambers in the body on each side of the neck.

Now came the tricky part to match the top to the body. The first and the second top was to thin. The bass part was muddling and that was not the idea of this guitar. I change the construction and finally the third top was perfect. The tone is bright and powerful in the top end and the bass part is so powerful but still tight. This construction with the body and the neck thru increase the sustain and gives you a marvelous dynamic. The customer wanted a lower output than normal so I decided to have Tom Anderson H0 and H1- to pickup the song of the guitar.

This guitar gave me a lot of experience. It took me 19 month (!) to finish this one and also gave me a lot of firewood. There is only one out there and I don’t know if there’s going to be another one.

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