Ares Customs

Ares Customs is a series of handmade guitars from Vallvik in Sweden. The Customs are similar in design to Strat and Tele-styled guitars but smaller and they are all with 25" scale length. All Ares Custom come without pickguards. In size they are like Ares Classics, but backrouted, with fancier woods and more exclusive.

Both bodies and necks are made in our facility in Vallvik. This new Custom series (since 2017) has a special neck joint, where the neck is forced into the body, direction bridge/tremolo, to enhance the overtone spectrum and sustain. The guitars sing nice and clear, build up a marvelous tone and sustain that make everyone happy.

The Ares Customs come as standard with Lundgren Pickups. One volume and one tone control connected with a 5-way switch. All connections inside are made with SilK cable, a so called "super cable" that has an incredibly low damp factor and allows for a wider range of frequencies, giving the song of the guitar a deeper bottom and a brighter crispy top.

As standard this guitar comes with chrome hardware. At extra costs there are a lot of options as gold or black hardware, drop top with a nice quilted maple, hollow body, your choice of pickups. Call for prices.

Strat and tele are a trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Ares Custom Guitars is not affiliated with, nor do we obtain any components from FMIC.